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Notes to Self

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Notes to Self

Notes to Self: A Journey of Self-Discovery, Reflection, and Love by Lo Smith

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with Notes to Self by Lo Smith, a powerful collection of personal reflections designed to help you become your best self. This full-color book offers daily prompts for reflection, journaling, and growth, brought to life through stunning illustrations. Each note covers themes and challenges, encouraging deeper self-exploration. Discover hidden beauty in whimsical artwork, all while finding solace and comfort in your relationship with God. Notes to Self is perfect for daily inspiration and personal growth. Grab a copy and start your journey today!

Some unique benefits of Notes to Self include:

  • Daily inspiration for self-reflection and personal growth
  • A closer connection with God and a deeper understanding of His presence in your life
  • Perfect for use as a journal prompt or as a starting point for group discussions in a book club setting
  • A thoughtful gift for someone in transition, such as a graduating student, a new employee, or someone embarking on a new chapter in life


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K. Pridge

This book is a JOY!!! I’ve read it all the way through twice and still pick it up occasionally when I need encouragement. Plus it’s so pretty sitting in my home office! I love how Lo uses her real life to encourage you but it’s not just encouragement it’s HONESTY and that’s so important for people to see Faith at work in REAL LIFE!

V. Marie Boring

This book is filled with soul stirring words and activities that light your soul on fire. The way in which she delivers these truths, remind you of your greatness and keeps you grounded.

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