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When Peter stepped out the boat, his eyes were locked in on Jesus. He was able to walk on water. But as the storms, waves, and wind moved, Peter began to sink. It wasn't the weather that caused him to sink. The storm was there before Jesus had arrived. Peter was sinking because of his shift in focus.

As humans, we want to keep our eyes on the storm around us and on Jesus. But thats not how faith works. Good wants our undivided attention. Not for his sake, but for our sake. No matter how wild and unruly the storm gets, wee won't feel it because our focus is stayed on him.

What does focusing on the storm do for us? Create doubt. Create sadness. Create hopelessness. 

What does focusing on Jesus do? Build wisdom. Build hope. Gives comfort. Builds joy. Adds peace.

I hear God saying, "Don't look at the storm. Focus on me."


Matthew 14:22-35


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