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Everyday I wake up, the circumstances of my current state of deafness and imbalance flood my mind. The things I can't do because of my health. The things I won't be able to experience. The worries of being in social spaces. The loss of a lot of things I love like music, conversation, and celebration. I begin to weigh myself down with negative thoughts. 

After I've beaten myself up, the enemy comes to double down and sow seeds of doubt. "Will God heal?"

To make sure these thoughts don't prevail, I have to counter attack them early. Stop them from getting a stronghold in my heart. Remove the fresh seeds of doubt before they sprout.

I have to do the following:

- Read the bible

- Pray

- Trust and believe the word

- Recite truths to myself that counteract doubt

- Remind myself of how blessed I am despite what's going on

- Remind myself of God's love for me

- Remind myself of God's plan to prosper

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