Notes to Self by Lo Smith (Hard Cover)
Notes to Self by Lo Smith (Hard Cover)Notes to Self by Lo Smith (Hard Cover)Notes to Self by Lo Smith (Hard Cover)

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 “You create the best when you feel loved. You create the best when you feel sure of yourself. Through self-discovery, you become the best version of yourself.” - Lo Smith




Notes to Self is a peek into the private writings of author, Lo Smith.  After filling pages and pages with reflective thoughts, Lo has decided to share in hopes of taking readers on a journey of self-discovery. 


The hardcover, full-color book is a creative exploration designed to meet readers exactly where they are. Each note covers a common experience that challenges readers to examine their actions, reactions, and next moves towards becoming their best selves. 


This book is for you if:


- you’re ready to take a look at who you are and who you’d like to become. 


- need an easy-to-read & motivational way to start your morning or end your day. 


- you appreciate beautiful things! Notes to Self is boldly and artfully illustrated and meant to be showcased. 


Here’s how to use your copy of Notes to Self:


Read one note every day for inspired self-reflection. 


Use Notes to Self as a daily prompt for your journal writing. 


Grab a group of friends and make Notes to Self a book club selection for the month. Set some goals for your reading and share your own “notes to self” at the end of the month. 


Gift a copy to someone in transition like a graduating student; someone who is just starting a new job or career; or has recently started a new chapter in life. 


Hashtag us at #loveoverflo to share what you’re discovering.



However you decide to use, read, or share Notes to Self, the author hopes that it will, more than anything, guide you towards a greater level of self-discovery and self-love than you ever could have imagined. 


The journey of self-discovery is take your time and be kind to yourself along the way.


Full Color. Hardcover and Soft Cover Option.

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